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Share our profits

Share minimal shop or market stall space & receive cash on sales

We are seeking shops &/or market stall holders who would be interested in showcasing our quality Australian made personalised products. In return we offer a percentage of our sales, generated from your shop & territory. Our free advertising could also drive more customers to your premises giving your shop greater exposure. There is little to no involvement required from you as we are fully functional online store.

Apart from a small display cost (package shown below), there are no ongoing costs. The display is easy to setup & will feature some of our products for the customers to see & feel, which includes Children’s Height Charts & Room Door Signs.


All we will require, is less than 2 metres of space & be able to leave advertising brochures within your shop premises.


Monthly sales percentage paid into your account

Minimum space required

Involves little to no work participating

Extra foot traffic benefits your shop

Our advertising drives customers to your store

Minimum interference, customer orders made easy

No conflicting products that take your sales

Our Duties: Upon registration, we will work out territory boundaries which will be defined by postcodes & a unique shop code. The sales generated within your territory whether by chance or from our advertising your shop &/or any sales generated by your shop &/or market, will be classed as yours & you will therefore receive a percentage of those sales as per our agreement with you.


If you are interested then please contact us quickly as if it's offered to another within your area then it might be a missed opportunity.

Also, please understand that preference will not only be given to main street shops or/& higher than usual foot traffic but also businesses that show enthusiasm to this offer.

All our products are hand made on OUR premises with no third parties involved. The products are therefore all Australian made. The money generated from sales stays in the community.

If it works better than your existing business then why not expand our range & start selling with us.


There is a little more information on our about page, however detailed information can only be obtained by subscribing below or via our pop-up window.

The small print: This is not a franchise or licence & will become an simple agreement between the online store (US) & the shop or market stall that displays the products (YOU). We would like to build the relationship with you, seeking a simple, common-sense honest approach, keeping integrity & not to put into disrepute our &/or your business. Due to this simplicity, we cannot make any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, by fact or law. We give no warranties expressed or otherwise implied that your business will increase or decrease in sales. We assume no liability from our samples & assume your liability insurance covers any claims made.